Your assets + Wavetable = the essence of additive synthesis

At Wavetable, we recognize the fundamental importance of forging strong partnerships to expand our reach, deepen our perspective and enhance our core assets and expertise. We believe in leveraging the broad array of talent and resources available in the broader technology/venture ecosystem to build the most disruptive, sustainable and profitable businesses possible.

We would love to talk to you, especially if you…

  • are a Venture Capitalist or Angel Investor and are interested in getting an early look at, and having input into the selection and development of, the companies we are building.
  • are at a design, development or innovation firm and would like to work on disruptive new digital businesses.
  • work for a large company that may have special assets, insights and/or innovation needs that could help identify opportunities or launch new businesses.
  • work for a major university and have disruptive research, technology or ideas that can be developed into new opportunities.

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