During 2013, we expect to conduct detailed evaluations of six to ten new businesses and fund one or two of them. Over time, we plan to accelerate the pace of new company creation as we grow our team and resource base.


Viewpoints provides authentic consumer and expert reviews across more than 400 product categories in home & garden, health & beauty, baby & kids and more. More than 80 million people have used since it launched in 2007.


ModernComment is a social marketing tool that enables businesses to generate customer referrals through social media. The company uses an innovative approach to turn “Would you recommend?” into “I have recommended.”

Built In

Built In is a bootstrapped startup whose growth has been fueled by founding and corporate sponsors. The company operates a network of regional online communities that connect, educate and promote digital entrepreneurs and innovators.



Matt Moog is the Founder & CEO of Viewpoints. Prior to founding the company Moog spent 10 years at Q Interactive a publicly traded digital marketing services provider.



Chris Lubkert is the CEO of ModernComment. He has been with the company since its founding. Previously, Chris worked in private equity and management consulting, including work helping clients with their digital marketing strategies.



Maria Christopoulos Katris is the CEO of Built In, a platform which enables cities to connect, educate and promote their growing digital communities. The company currently operates sites in Chicago (, Los Angeles ( and Denver (, and is headquartered in Chicago.