Wavetable Labs Launches – Hello World!


Today we are formally launching a Chicago based digital business incubator called Wavetable Labs.  The team behind Wavetable are experienced entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, and marketers who have spent their careers starting, scaling and operating successful digital businesses.  We are committed to being a positive and contributing member of the rapidly growing Chicago digital community.  We will bring together our experience, a network of relationships, a proven process for building great businesses and capital to help entrepreneurial teams focus on meaningful problems to create scalable businesses.

We plan to blog and tweet regularly so you will learn more in the coming weeks and months about us, but here are some key things to understand about who we are, what we will do and how we will work.

#1 – Wavetable is a digital business incubator

We plan to recruit Founders In Residence (FIR) to help them identify and build promising new digital businesses.  Our core team will devote a substantial amount of time to helping them evaluate new business opportunities, build the product and launch and scale the business.

Wavetable Labs is not an accelerator (like TechStars or Y Combinator) and not a venture capital investor.  We will pursue fewer businesses each year than those types of organizations typically do and we will be involved in the earliest stages of vetting the idea. Our core team will devote substantial time and effort, working shoulder to shoulder with Founders-in-Residence, to getting the business off the ground in the early stages.

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