About Us

We combine our experience, network, time and money to support the best people with the best ideas.

Wavetable Labs builds entrepreneurial teams to identify, validate and scale digital businesses. We recruit Founders-in-Residence, help them identify promising ideas, recruit teams and provide them with capital to get the business off the ground. Founding teams gain access to our network, collaboration with our experienced team, training in our proven process and access to capital, both from us and from our network of investors.

Our Managing Directors monitor trends and develop relationships with key participants in the technology and venture ecosystems to identify promising new technologies and business models. The Founders-In-Residence work with our developers, designers and digital/business strategists, as well as with external partners, to conduct research and build prototypes and MVPs that enable us to rapidly validate a product/market fit and build solid business plans based on bankable financial models.

Once we validate the potential of an idea we will create a new corporate entity, fund it with seed capital and install one of our Founders-in-Residence as Founder & CEO to build the team and bring the product to market.

Initially, we plan to focus on businesses that best leverage synergies with our current portfolio. We have experience growing both B2C and B2B businesses that rely on a range of revenue models such as advertising, data licensing, subscription, commerce, and enterprise sales.


Why Wavetable? We’re glad you asked. A wavetable is where waveforms come together to create digital synthesis. And synthesis is part of our DNA. We are inspired by the opportunity to bring together designers, developers, and entrepreneurs to create scalable businesses that solve meaningful problems. And we feel fortunate to live in this period in which dramatic change and progress at an unprecedented pace characterize nearly every aspect of society. The power of networks, both local and global, when joined together with the digitization of information and the rapid democratization of communications technology are leading to fundamental changes in education, health, retail, finance, security, publishing and many other industries. It is our purpose to help entrepreneurs build companies that foster positive change in the digital age.

Core team

moog matt
Matt Moog
Chief Executive Officer
Wavetable Labs

corey haines
Corey Haines
Chief Technology Officer
Wavetable Labs

zach walsh
Zach Walsh
Senior UX Designer
Wavetable Labs